Our Philosophy

We believe “resistance“ to legal technology is more the result of poor product design than user attitude. Therefore, we are determined to offer general and custom solutions that are not just usable, but decidedly likable, and more importantly, widely accessible and impactful.

Our Technology

Our solutions are powered by proprietary advances in legal data mining, Arabic natural language processing and innovative immersive designs, as well as a powerful combination of domain and technical expertise .

Legal Data Mining
Arabic Natural Language Processing
Immersive Design

Our Products

In addition to our flagship legal research platform , we offer innovative and AI enhanced solutions impacting legal practice, service delivery , drafting, translation , legislative activity and public access to Law and Justice .

Smart Research


Power Drafting


Workflow Engine


Legal Machine Translation




Our Story

CyberLaw was initially launched in 2010, to serve legal professionals’ evident need for a robust research platform that transcends the limitations of legacy databases. Today, thanks to our combined domain and technical expertise, resourceful team, and deep sector understanding, we are uniquely positioned to lead the digital transformation of the Arab legal sector through an innovative suite of products designed to enhance service delivery, rule of Law and access to Law and Justice.

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